send EEG triggers/response markers


We are trying to use superlab on a Mac with our ANT EEG system, Currently, we are struggling to send triggers. If I understood it correctly, superlab on a PC can send triggers via a parallel port cable (no stimtracker needed); however, given that Macs don’t have parallel ports, that’s not an option for us. Does anyone have experience using superlab on a Mac with the ANT amplifier? If so, could you point us into the right direction (e.g. would a db25 to USB cable do the trick)?

Many thanks!

No, SuperLab cannot at present send signals via a parallel port. You can do so using either StimTracker or an I/O card made by Measurement Computing (Windows only) or National Instruments (Mac or Windows). You will then need to build a custom cable.

No, a regular USB to DB25 cable will not work. USB is a serial signal whereas DB25 provides parallel signals.

EEG triggers from Stimtracker to ANT (ASA) system

If we use a stimtracker to send the triggers from superlab, will it be able to send multiple triggers? The website details of the stimtracker are slightly ambiguous and infer that only one trigger will be sent ‘StimTracker will send output to channel 3 when it detects input on any of the six TTL/digital input lines.’ regardless of the trigger sent from the superlab experiment file.

From SuperLab, only three bits are transferred to ANT Neuro due to the fact that it accepts only 8 bits of input. The details are listed on this page.

We are using Superlab/StimTraker with an ANT system too. Does this limitation mean that there are only 7 available trigger codes to mark data? Is there any possible way to use all 255 available codes?

You are correct that there are only 7 triggers available.