Self-paced reading: hundreds of events?

I’m creating a self-paced reading experiment with about 120 stimuli. Is there any way around each sentence being its own series of events, i.e. having a total of at least 500 separate events for this experiment? I thought that lists of stimuli could be used with SuperLab.

The stimuli list feature does not work with the self paced reading feature.

I’m curious though: if you have 120 stimuli, why would you end up with 500 events?

The reason I would end up with so many events for 120 stimuli is that for each stimulus I have a cue, the actual SPR stimulus, a comprehension question, and an ISI, each of which is a separate event. Then there are the instructions and practice stimuli.

So you can see why it would be much more efficient to use stimulus lists with the SPR feature. More importantly, there would be less chance for errors…

Perhaps this feature could be added in the future?

The request is noted. :slight_smile: