Sample C++ code to connect to RB-530


I am new in RB-530 development. I am trying to access this pad from simple C++ code. Here is the sample code:

#include “xid_device_scanner_t.h”
#include “xid_con_t.h”
#include “xid_device_t.h”

using namespace cedrus;

// create a device scanner object to ease creation of new devices
// and connections.
xid_device_scanner_t scanner;

// get the number of detected XID devices.
int num_response_pads = scanner.detect_valid_xid_devices();

// get the first detected connection
boost::shared_ptr<xid_con_t> xid_con =

// create the device and load its configuration
boost::shared_ptr<xid_device_t> xid_device(
new xid_device_t(xid_con,L"C:\Path\f\To\f\DevConfig\Files");


    response = xid_device-&gt;get_next_response();

    // do something with the response


Problem is my call “scanner.detect_valid_xid_devices()” returns zero(0). But from same machine sample superLab can access the pad.

Can anyone help me out with sample C++ code to communicate with this device? Appreciate it very much.


At present, we do not have sample C ++ code available, however, this is something we plan to offer in the future.