RT Problem

Hi Folks,
I have noticed a possible problem with recording RT. I have 225 trials, each running 2 events. The first event is a random image of number which range between 1 and 9. This is presented for 250ms. The participant can respond with a left mouse click during this period, or during the next event which is an image of a circle and this is presented for 900ms. Now alot of mouse click responses are not being recorded. The times that are missing are between 250ms and 286ms approx. Is the reason for this because the participant is clicking when the first image of the number and the second image of the circle are being refreshed. i.e. can superlab not record a click while it is busy flushing the first event image and loading it with the next event image?
I have everything turned off on the machine. This data ishas been checked using 32 participants (about 7200 RT’s in total).

Are you running on Windows? Also, which version of SuperLab are you running? Is this 4.0.5? 4.0.6?

SuperLab gets Keyboard and Mouse response time information from the operating system. On Windows, this time appears to be the time at which Windows generates the event which can be different from the time the key was pressed.