RSVP help

I want to have bunch of trials that each show a string of letters. I assume RSVP is best for this. How can I use RSVP to control both the display time and ISI for the letters? Also, if I have a set of strings is there a way to keep reading from the same file or must I create a separate event or file for each string? Finally, I make my stimuli files in excel but when I export them to a text file there are tab delimiters. How do I get RSVP to recognize them? Any help appreciated.

This thread may give you a little bit of information on how to start with RSVP.

If you use an ISI Trial Variable to specify the time limit on the RSVP event, the values will be paired up with the RSVP sub-events.

For example:


with ISI values: 500, 1000, 250, 250

will show “a” for 500ms, “b” for 1000ms, “c” for 250ms, and “d” for 250ms.

Currently, SPR and RSVP don’t support stimulus lists, so you will have to create a separate event for each set of strings to display.

While the user interface isn’t particularly friendly to tab delimiters, there’s nothing in the code to stop you from using them. You’ll have to copy and paste the tab character into the list of segment breaks, but once there, SuperLab will use it the same as any other character. The list of segment breaks/delimiters is in the settings for the event, under the “Segment Settings” tab.

Ok, I’ve I’m using the ISI durations in RSVP but they are actually stimulus (not inter stimulus) display durations. How do I control the time between displays within RSVP? I want, for example, A for 1000 ms, blank for 500 ms, B for 1000 ms, blank for 500 ms, etc.

The backslash “” is the default delimiter for RSVP. If you put two back-to-back, then the stimulus in the middle (nothing) is what will show up. For example:


will present:

You would then set your times up to be: 1000, 500, 1000, 500, 1000, 500, 1000.

Hope that helps!

okay, I’ll try it, thanks :slight_smile: