response time longer than stimuli

Hi again

I am planning on doing a task-switching task.
It is to decide whether the number shown is “less/more” than five OR is “odd/even”.
(The criteria changes after the appearance of a box)

So after the presentation of a number(500ms), there’s an ISI of 500ms. When I see the result in the “superlab data text file”, I don’t see any response nor the reaction time during the 500ms ISI. This is obvious because I have not tagged 500msISI to anything. and I do not know what this should be tagged to.

I have tried tagging and I also read few related threads, but it is difficult to get the concept and has been always the most troubling part.

To get the response accuracy, I also tried making two kinds of ISI500ms(correct ISI500ms / Incorrect ISI500ms) but it confuses me because the correct answer includes four options

  1. pressing less when the answer is less
  2. pressing more when the answer is more
  3. . pressing odd when the answer is odd
  4. pressing even when the answer is even
    (Did I go too far?)

Any recommendations and solutions?
I appreciate it.

File attachment.

Attached is the file. Thanks.

task (434 KB)

There is a simpler solution.

Main Group – blcok3 – lm1, 1 – ISI500ms – [space] – Pressed – (any response) – C – 770

The time seems longer than the ISI because by default, SuperLab reaction timers only reset at the beginning of the first event of a trial. However, you can reset these timers mid-trial if you’d like. Click the Input tab of the ISI and select Reset RT Timer.

Getting responses and reaction time during the ISI

I have checked reset timer box in the 500msISI event, but somehow the reaction time comes out as 0 in the data file (However, The key press during the number presentation shows the right reaction time and the Error Code. but this does not work during the ISI,)

How could I solve this? Thank you. I appreciate it.

I see. Change the ISI into a blank text event with a time limit of 500ms. This should fix your problem.

Thanks. Now, I can get reaction time and response during the 500ms text blank.

The major problem though, is that the response time is starting on the onset of the blank, not from the previous trial onset. Otherwise I have to add up 500ms(trial presentation time) manually with the reaction time in the blank.

Also, the Error Code always come out as “Correct” when pressed during the 500ms blank. I have tried tagging, but somehow it confuses me a lot and makes it difficult to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance.

In that case, you’d have to disable Reset RT Timer.

As for correctness, the method you originally suggested can work, except you would need four different kinds of ISI, one for each correct answer. Tag your stimulus items as either more, less, even, or odd. Also, stop presenting ISI from event feedback; we are going to do so from trial rules; something like “If the trial is tagged as ‘more’, then present ‘ISI 500ms (More)’”.

Take a look at the LM1 trial in the attached experiment for an example. (122 KB)