Response Code

Is it possible to have an event end after 1 of 2 responses? For example, if someone answers “yes” (0) or “no” (1) but not if they hit a random key.


Yes. In the event editor’s input tab, you set the event to end only after a correct response. Then you also need to set 0 and 1 to both be correct.

Will I still be able to tell if the answer is correct or incorrect if I code both the correct and incorrect responses as correct?

For example, 0 and 1 correspond with no and yes. If the answer is no but they answer yes, is it recording yes as correct in the output file?

Correct or not correct–that is the question

This struck me as confusing too. It appears that “correct” in the context of ending an event means something like “enabled” or “expected” or “legal” or “allowed”–a response identified as “correct” in an event simply means that the program is expecting it, as opposed to other technically possible responses the subject might make which it considers “disabled”, “unexpected”, “illegal”, or “disallowed”.

However, from the experimenter’s point of view, only some correct=enabled responses are actually correct=accurate. For example, in a lexical decision event, the “word” and “nonword” buttons would both be correct=enabled in the SuperLab sense, but only one would be correct=accurate for a given stimulus item. On the other hand, in the same trial, typing the letter ‘x’ on the keyboard, while technically possible, would not ordinarily be expected and should be disabled.

Personally, I think it might be less confusing if you enabled or disabled responses, and identified enabled responses as either correct or incorrect. Or something like that.

Greg Shenaut

Greg is correct=accurate here. It should be noted, though, that the distinction between enabled and accurate is available for mouse input but not for any of the other input methods.