Response Box 530


I have recently installed a Cedrus Response pad of the RB-530 model (following the instructions on the support site).
I understand that this model should be compatible with Supaerlab 4.0.

However, in the “Input from” dialogue from the Experiment menu, I can only find options for the RB-400 and RB-600 models (with four or six buttons, respectively).

How do I get the program to receive input from an RB-530 model?

Thank you very much,

The RB-530 is an RB-x30 Series Response Pad. You can access it under that input module–not the “RB Series Earlier Model Pad” module.

The problem is that RB-x30 series does not seem to appear as an input module.

Only the following input modules are available in the “input from” dialogue (as you can see in the attached snapshot of my screen):

Microsoft serial mouse
Standard Keyboard
Standard Mouse

The RB-x30 simply isn’t there.