Recording responses from an individual event, not part of a trial! Please help me


I really wondered if someone could please give me some immediate help on this problem I’m having.
I’ve been working on an experiment that is due to start Monday and have only realised that some of the important responses have not been saving in the text data file.
My experiment presents trials of 100 faces in each. Each face must be classified by either race or gender by pressing certain single keys. Each event ends and the next begins after “correct response” or “time limit” (whichever happens first). Each face appears for 2 secs. If a decision is made before the time limit ends, then the programme moves onto an attractiveness scale. If the participant does not respond in time, a question mark is presented. The participant can still respond here.
In the feedback for the faces, it says “If response has not been made in 2000 ms, go to question mark.”

This all works and data is saved if you respond before the 2sec is up but superlab is not recording any data during the question mark event!!
What is going wrong here?
I would really appreciate some help,

Yours sincerely,


Helen, which version of SuperLab are you using? You can determine the exact version (e.g. 4.0.4, 4.0.5, etc.) by clicking on the Help menu in Windows, or the SuperLab 4 menu on the Mac, then selecting About SuperLab.

A quick follow up note: I tried what you’ve described in SuperLab 4.0.7 and it worked fine. The feedback did save the response. I recall that at one point, this wasn’t the case. But I don’t remember which specific point version of SuperLab introduced the saving of responses to feedback.

I would recommend that you make a copy of your experiment and try downloading SuperLab 4.0.7. I’m pretty sure it’ll resolve this.


Thanks for your advice. I will check that out. I think I have 4.0.8 but will double check. In that case it must be something else I’m doing wrong.
Thanks for your help,