RB834 box with EPrime & Accessory connector

I have successfully configured the RB-834 box to work with E_Prime but want to monitor the button press signals that are output from the Accessory connector. This is to test timing accuracy using BBTK. I have monitored these signals and the output pins (AC1-6) are permanently at +5v; i.e. they do not respond to button presses. Can you please explain what might be happening? I would also like a wiring diagram of the RB-834 box if possible so that I can monitor the button from another point in the circuit. Can you provide this?

Hi Chris,

Unless you have changed the response pad’s configuration by sending XID commands (as described at www.cedrus.com/xid/), the RB-834 should automatically provide signals on the Accessory Connector for six of the eight buttons, as shown on this page:


However, the output is “active low”, meaning that when nothing is pressed the lines will be at +5V, and they’ll go to ground when you press key.

Regarding the wiring diagram, I cannot unfortunately provide this. But if you open the box (standard disclaimers apply, of course!), you will find a set of “pads” on the circuit boards that connect directly to the buttons. I don’t recall what this set is labeled (I’m at home), but I can look it up if it’s not obvious.