Hi, I’m wondering how the buttons on RB-830 are numbered. Are the bottom two buttons 7 (left) and 8 (right)?


On the RB-830, they are numbered from left to right, so the bottom two buttons are 4 (left) and 5 (right).

Thanks for your response.

I found that we need software to install RB-830 but in the package there is no disc. Was it left out in the shipment?


The USB drivers are available online, see http://www.cedrus.com/support/rb_series/.

RB-830 non detected by superlab


I am using a response pad RB-830 with superlab 4.0.3c. As required on the cedrus website, I have installed the USB drivers available online, on http://www.cedrus.com/support/rb_series/.), the device is connected to one of the usb port. Everything should be fine, but when I try to use it with superlab, it is not detected:( . I checked in "Experiment > participant input > RB-X30 (selected) > RB 830 (selected), but when I ask to “auto-detect”, it says that “superlab did not find the “RB-x30 response pad” nor any other XID device”:mad: The device is properly connected to the same usb port used by the time of the installation of the USB driver, the green light on the box (response pad) is on, indicating that it is connected and powered. When I check in the parametres (panneau de configuration > ajout de matériel, etc.) the device is detected by my computer and it says that it is working fine… However, superlab seems unable to detect it. When I try to run the experiment it says that "superlab couldn’t find an RB-x30 response pad connected to this computer.:mad: :mad:

Does someone has any idea how to fix that problem? The response pad is brand new and I have the latest version of superlab pro for windows. I have already used succesfully this version of superlab with the keyboard or a PST serial response pad for an MRI experiment.

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I have fixed the problem

Finally, I have found the solutuion. After numerous attempts, I uninstalled/reintalled the usb driver and it worked. Apparently, the driver was not properly intalled the first time?!