RB-830 (pre June 2011) & Windows 7 64bit

The language used on the support page is ambiguous. Do these older response boxes NOT work with Windows 7 64bit OS, or will they work IF I follow the instructions and download the new driver?

I went ahead and tried it anyway, and during the driver installation process (specifically while running Mprog) my machine crashed and I was left with the blue screen of death for a while. After finally getting it up and running again, I am now hesitant to try to download this driver, and after re-reading the description, it sounds like it might not work anyway. Is this correct?

Any help would be appreciated.

They will work once you’re past the “MProg” part. Sorry about the crash; FWIW, MProg is written by the company that supplies us with the USB interface chips, not by us.

Also, once the MProg step is complete, you will no longer need to explicitly download a driver; Windows will automatically recognize the response pad and find the driver that it needs.