RB-540 appears as Lumina keyboard

Hi all,

I’ve recently bought 2 RB-540 response pads and have failed to make them work properly on Windows 7. I have an older RB-540 model (I think from 2012) which works fine - it appears as a USB Serial port and works with Eprime.

When I plug in the RB-540, it appears as a Lumina keyboard. The USB Serial port does not appear in the device manager. It is possible to use it with E-prime as a “keyboard”, but not as a SR Response box.
Would using it as a keyboard likely cause any issues, e.g. with timing?
Is there a way to make it appear as a USB serial port?

Thanks a lot,

Keyboard mode is a new feature in the RB-540 that the RB-530 did not have.

On the older RB-530, switch 1 puts the response pad in PST Serial Response Box emulation protocol.

On the RB-540, it’s different. Switch 1 puts the response pad in Keyboard mode, and the PST SRB protocol is set with switch 2.

What you need is to keep all the switches down except for switch 2 – up.