Randomized Selection from Stimulus Lists

I have a question about randomization. I have an experiment that contains 4 different lists of sentences that are currently set up as stimulus lists in the events. What I would like to do for the experiment is to have the subjects view 12 sentences from each of the 4 lists of sentences, for a total of 48 sentences. However, I cannot figure out how to make SuperLab pick each sentence randomly from among the 4 lists, I can only have it randomly pick 12 sentences from List 1 of sentences, then move on to randomly pick 12 sentences from List 2, and then so on. I know that I cannot randomize blocks, so is there any other way to accomplish what I need to do?

A sample experiment is attached to illustrate how to do this in SuperLab. Some points to be aware:

Five codes were created. One named “Trial Using List” with values A,B,C, and D. The other four codes are named “Done with Trial A (B,C,D)” with values “Yes” and “No”

Under the Block Editor:

  • Four macros were created to "Check if enough "A" (B,C,D) trials presented"
  • Under the [B]Expression[/B] tab, it's set to "Number of trials Presented in this Block is greater than or equal to 2 trials (Trials marked with code :"Trial Using List" equal to "A")
  • Under the [B]If True[/B] tab, the expression is "Change value of code "Done with Trial A" to "yes" in all trials in this block"
  • Another macro was created to repeat the block. This macro must run "After all the trials in the block have been presented"

Under the Trial Level:

  • An expression was created under the [B]When to Present[/B] tab: "Number of times this trial has been presented is equal to 0 [B]and[/B] Current trial's code "Done with the Trial A" is not set to "Yes"
  • Under the [B]Code Values[/B] tab the correct code was tagged to their corresponding trial

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