Randomization of list items in a trial


I have a Trial that is linked to an event list, such that when I present the trial, 7 events within an event list are randomized.

So, Trial 1 may go something like this:

It randomizes event list items 1-7: 1,6,5,3,7,4,2

What I’d like to do, is have this trial repeat a certain number of times (to get bigger sample size), BUT have the events be re-randomized each time.

To do this I tried: Selecting “Randomize every time the trial is presented” under List Access, and I created a rule for the trial such that it Repeats the trial if it has been presented <3 times. What I get as a result for the stimuli list is something like:


And I need something like

1,6,5,3,7,4,2 then 2,1,6,5,7,4,3 then 7,6,5,3,1,4,2

Does that make sense?

Thanks in advance, and thanks again for a wonderful program!

I have attached a small demo experiment illustrating the settings. You are correct that you would randomize under the List Access tab within the trial, however you won’t need a “Trial Rule”. The stimulus list needs to be attached to a single block, and this block should not contain anything else but the stimulus list. Then to repeat your stimulus list use the Looping feature within the Block Editor.

jgreen19.sl5 (3.13 KB)

Thank you so much!

I can’t believe I overlooked such an obvious feature. My apologies and thanks for your time. :smiley: