Randomization and disappearing events

I am trying to create an experiment where the subject has to solve problems and after they submit each answer, they are showed a warning screen: “Prepare for the next problem”. The issue I’m having is that for some problems, the warning does not show, even though the settings are the same as the others. I would also like to randomize the trials and have each trial presented only once per participant, but I am having trouble with this as well. Can someone help me with this?

I have attached an experiment package, if that helps. Thank you!

Creative Thinking Experiment Version 1.zip (116 KB)

Going through your experiment it looks like at least two trials (trial p10e and p18m) are not connected to the the “Warning” block. Also, when using String Input and Single key together you must define a correct response for each event. Your “Warning” block and “End” events do not have a correct response defined.

Thank you Monika. I have since stopped using the program that was giving me the error message. I have begun using one of the autobackup files, which does not give me the message. I have made the corrections that you suggested, however I am still having the same problems. The new file is attached.

Creative Thinking V1.zip (116 KB)