Random order of paired items from two stimulus lists

Hello again. I have two stimulus lists and I would like the items on the two lists to be paired. However, I would like the order that the pairs are presented to participants to be random (i.e., a different order for each participant). But as soon as I try to randomize the list access, the items are no longer paired correctly. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong? I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

different levels of randomization

Hi jbraun,

Have you looked whether the randomization is also enabled at the block level ?
At the block level - either you can just randomize the trials in a block - or also randomize the presentation of the events in a list.
I am guessing for you - randomize at block level and also enable randomising the stimuli in a list. Then disable the randomization at Trial level, but keep it paired.
See if this helps, Or maybe some combination of these 3 levels of randomization might work for you.