Question regarding breaks

Dear all,

I am trying to create an experiment and have a question regarding the creation of breaks. The experiment I am creating is comprised of one block of 200 trials. I need these trials to be completely randomised for each participant. Now my question: I would also like to have a 1-minute breaks to occur every 40 trials to give participants an opportunity to rest.

As I understand it I have two options. I could create 4 blocks of 40 trials and have a break between each of the blocks. This, however, would mean the 200 trials were not completely randomised. The other option, as I understand it, would be to create a number of trials amongst the 200, which function as breaks. The downside of this is that the break trials would occur randomly.

So what I’d really like to know is whether it is possible to have a 1-minute break occur every 40 trials while the 200 trials occur randomly and how I would do that?

I’m sorry if I haven’t explained myself clearly, but I’d appreciate any comments or help you could offer.

Many thanks,


Check out the macros in the block menu. You can set a “trap” after certain numbers of trials, and cause “take a break” pseudotrials to run.

Thanks for that. Sorry for the delay in my reply - I’ll give that a try and see how I go.