Question about single input

In my experiment the users are only allowed to answer one time on each trial, but if they click multiple times on different (or same) keys, there will be a long list of keys in my result output file. Is there any way to prevent this from happen?


Hi Marc,

What do you want SuperLab to record? After any response from the participant, or the correct response?


I want it to record the first answer, either right or wrong. Now it records all the keys that are pressed during the event, not just the first one. This makes it really hard to count right/wrong answers.

Under the Input tab, in the Event Editor, make sure that both “After any response from the participant” and “…Or a time limit, whichever happens first” is checked on. Under the Correct Response tab, select under the “…the correct response is” the “None, any response is correct is correct,” option.

Do you want your event to continue after the first response for a specific amount of time?

Thanks for the answers!

Yes, I want the event to be shown for a total of 2000ms, even if a key is pressed or not.


In order to do this you have to use one block. For each trial, under the End tab, specify your time limit. Keep your settings the same for your events.