providing feedback when RT is too short

Hello all. I’m trying to provide feedback to participants essentially saying “please slow down” if they respond too quickly to stimuli that are presented. It seems like this should be really simple in SuperLab because one of the feedback options is “Provide feedback if: The reaction time is too quick.” However, after trying to debug an experiment using this setup, I’ve discovered that the reaction time is being calculated by the time since the start of the experiment, not since the presentation of the stimulus in question. I want the condition to be that feedback is provided if the response is made quicker than .5 seconds after the stimuli is presented… but, it takes longer than that to get through the instructions and such. I’ve tried using the “Reset RT Timer” option, but it doesn’t help. Any input would be welcomed.


Hi Randy,

Can you upload the experiment or email it to me? If it’s a bug, we’ll try to fix it ASAP.