Program starts very slowly


I am running SuperLab 4.0.7 and it takes a very long time for my experiment to get started. When I hit “run”, and enter a file name, it takes over 1 minute for the experiment to actually begin. When closing the experiment, there is a similar delay before I get the regular menu back. My experiment does have 600 trials, but I wouldn’t think that should cause such a delay… Thoughts?



Do you have many picture files in your experiment? Can you also tell me if under the Experiment tab, under Options, in Memory Management, what do you have selected? If you selected “Load them all before running the experiment” this might be contributing to the long time lapse.

There are not any picture files in the experiment. Most of my event types are RSVP, with constant calls to a Digit Output event and ISI event.

I checked the Memory Management feature and its set on the recommended “For only one trial at a time”.

I just did a disk cleanup and defragmentation to make sure it wasn’t anything on my computers end, but the experiment is still very slow to start and finish.

Additional info: My research assistant just discovered that if we put each of the six blocks in a separate file, each starts relatively quickly… but obviously I would like all 6 blocks of the experiment in one file…

We think the slowness with the RSVP event type will be resolved in the upcoming SuperLab 4.0.8 release. I will send you additional information through PM.

Same problem

Dear Monika

I have the same problem. Would you mind sending me information on 4.0.8 and/or how to possibly fix this? thanks!

I will contact you via private message regarding this.

same problem with 4.5?

I am now trying to run a modified version of the experiment I first posted about in 2009. I have recently upgraded to version 4.5. The experiment does not start at all now- the computer gets hung up every time. I only have 420 trials… Solutions?

Can you post your experiment? If so, please post as an Experiment Package. This is found under the File menu within SuperLab.

I developed a macro instead of multiple blocks to do a particular operation- it now works just fine. Thanks!