Problems with string input


I’m trying to make a simple experiment in which a question (e.g., What’s your name?) is presented on the center of the screen and then subjects type the answer to the question.

I made a program for the experiment above, but it doesn’t work well.
For the purpose of my experiment, I used the Keyboard-String Input input method. When I run the program, the textbox appears, but even when I type the answer, none of them are displayed in the textbox. If I press the Enter key, I can’t end the trial. What’s the problem?

Here, I’ve attached the sample experiment. I am using Superlab 4.0.7 on Win XP (Japanese edition). Now I’m testing Superlab, it works on demo.
Thank you!



I’m sorry. I’ve forgot to attach the file in the previous message.
Here, I’ve attached the file for my experiment.


sample.sl4 (4.26 KB)

I have tried the experiment on Windows XP and Mac OS (English) versions of SuperLab system and it works fine. It might be a Kanji-related problem?