Practice - press key + auditory response


I’m setting up a new experiment in which participants are taught two different words.

Before the test phase, there are 2 practice blocks:

In the first block, participants press keys [1] or [2] to listen to two different words (habituation phase);

In the second one, participants listen to the two different words and have to respond [1] or [2], depending on which one is it (identification phase).

For the second block, I know what is the procedure I have to go through. However, I actually don’t know how to set up the trials/events for the first block.

The point is that usual experimental procedures involve seeing/listening to a stimulus and then respond, and not the opposite: first press a key and have an auditory response. In the first block, I need participants to press key [1] or [2] and listen to word [1] or [2], respectively.
Is this doable?

Many thanks in advance.
Susana Correia

When the participants are done listening to the audio by pressing either 1 or 2, how do they move out of the habituation phase? Would a time limit work for this? For example, if the participant does not make a choice in 5 seconds then have the experiment move on to the next phase.

Hi again,
When they listen to both [1] and [2] sounds, they should automatically move on to the next block.
Many thanks,

Hi again,
In fact, we thought that maybe participants should listen to the two words as many times as they want (the two words are very, very similar). As soon as they think they have learnt the two words, they should press the space bar and move on to the next block.
I’m very sorry for this last minute change!
Many thanks again,

I apologize for taking a while to get back to you. Our office was closed for the Thanksgiving holiday. For your experiment, I suggest using the Feedback function found within the Event Editor to play the sound (either once or multiple times) and to move on to the next block. You would designate one of your responses as a correct response and the other as an incorrect response. You can find more information on how to use Feedback from page 56 of the SuperLab Manual, under the section Providing Feedback to Participants.