Pausing/Freezing issue

Hi all,

I am having an issue with Superlab 4.0 pausing during an experiment. The confusing part is that it is not systematic other than the fact that it seems to occur more often later in the day when the computer has been running for a while. I have considered heat as a factor and have put a small fan near the computer to help with ventilation. That still has not solved the problem. On most days, the task will run all the way through without pausing the first time and sometimes even a couple times in a row, but it usually starts pausing in the afternoon. This ranges from a short pause and then a continuation of presenting stimuli to completely freezing. In addition, it does not always pause in the same spot. I have also tried restarting the computer after each administration and closing and reopening the program between administrations. None of these strategies has solve the problem. The only consistency is that is seems to get worse the longer the computer is on. I have also tried the task on another computer and have the same problem, so it does not seem to be related to the computer. I do wonder about RAM given the visual stimuli used in the task. Both computers I tested it on have 2 GB of RAM. Any thoughts you have would be much appreciated. Thanks!


p.s. I tried to attach the task, but it was too large. I can e-mail along to the administrator if it would help to see the task.

I will contact you via private message with information on where you can post your experiment.