Option to repeat trial before response is given (for testing young children)


I have been designing a study with an alternative forced choice design (a bit like http://community.cedrus.com/showthread.php?t=156&highlight=forced+choice, without the need to have adaptive trials). The task consists of 1 ‘target’ stimuli which the subject hears (a word, ex. goat), and then two ‘test’ stimuli (also words, ex. boat and goat), immediately following. The subject must choose which of the test stimuli was the same word as the target stimuli.

As I am designing this for young children (4yrs), I need to be able to replay the stimuli a second time after the child hears them (and before they respond) in case of inattention, etc. So, if the trial mentioned above (GOAT (target); boat, goat) is played to the child, and they want to listen to it again before they respond, I could ideally be able to push a button which would play the whole trial again.

I have tried several ways of figuring this out, to no avail, and was wondering if anyone had any creative solutions to getting a function like this to work?

Thank you very kindly in advance for any insight!

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There are two ways this can be accomplished. The first way has a caveat due to you won’t be able to designate a correct response, besides the “replay key”.

Define any key you wish as the “reply key” and set this as the correct response. Then, create feedback to repeat the trial if the correct response is pressed.

The other way going about this is to impose a time limit on the participant. You would also create feedback, but you would use the option, The Reaction time is too slow. Using this way will allow you to set the “correct” in-correct and correct responses.