Opening Superlab 4.0.1 experiments in 4.0.2

When I try to load my experiments that I created in Superlab 4.0.1 into my upgraded 4.0.2 version, I get the following error and the experiment is not loaded–

09:13:00: Symbol not found: __ZN11SuperLabSDK14SLSdkBaseInput17OnStartEventInputEb Referenced from: /Users/krisknutson/Desktop/SuperLab 4/SuperLab Keys.bundle/Contents/MacOS/in-Keyboard-Single Keys Expected in: /Users/krisknutson/Desktop/SuperLab 4/SuperLab…/Frameworks/SLPlugInCommon.framework/Versions/A/SLPlugInCommon
09:13:00: Unable to create plug-in settings object for PlugInID 2001, SLSdkBase pointer is null.
09:13:00: An error occured attempting to open “/Users/krisknutson/Desktop/aMy_Stuff/Prosopagnosia_casestudy/My IATs/Face_or_not.sl4”. Click “Details” for more information.

:mad: Please tell me all the work I spent creating these experiments is wasted because they can’t be loaded into the newer version. (The old version, 4.0.1, has a lot of problems with code values and I’d rather not use it.)

I’m using a Mac OS X.

4.0.2 is backward compatible

SuperLab 4.0.2 should not have any problems loading any experiment since the first 4.0 beta release. Can you email me the experiment? I’ll send you my email address in a PM to avoid (even more) spam.

This looks like a problem with your copy of SuperLab. Try removing you existing copy and re-download the 4.0.2 disk image.