Obtaining the onset time of each event in the output?

I was wondering if there is a way to know when each event is presented in the course of an experiment. For example, the point in time of each event onset, either relative to the beginning of the experiment, or previous event; anything that will help know when exactly the event was presented. Is there a way of obtaining this in the response output? Thanks in advance.

SuperLab only records the participants responses. There is a way if you would like to get the cumulative time (as opposed to the RT to a stimulus). You can find this option by going to Experiment -> Options -> Columns to Save -> and checking Cumulative time.

Thanks Monika. I have the cumulative time going, but just to clarify, does the recorded cumulative time represent the onset of the event that the RT in then calculated, or the time the response was made? If it is the latter, then I can subtract the RT from the cumulative time to figure out the event onset. Thanks.

From the time the response was made.

And if there is no response made, does the recorded cumulative time represent the end of the event or the onset of the event? Thanks

The cumulative time would represent the onset of the event.

It says in options that the cumulative time measures the time from the beginning of the experiment. But what counts as the begning of the experiment? Is it connected to the scanner trigger at all?


The cumulative time measures from the start of the experiment. It is not related to the scanner trigger. For more information on using the scanner with SuperLab, please see the link below.