Multiple Working Buttons


I’m using SuperLab in conjunction with a touch screen, so I might be asking something a bit odd here.

Is there any way to set up a choice, where the participant has the option of selecting one of several buttons, with each possible selection leading to a different event? So setting it up so that if the participant clicks on one option, it triggers action X, but if they pick the other, it triggers action Y? I’ve figured out how to get a bunch of buttons on the screen at once (thanks invisibility!), but I haven’t yet figured out how to designate correct responses for each, let alone getting them all to work together or output to things individually.
And, to make things even more difficult, is there any simple way to randomize their placement (so that sometimes the green button is on the right, sometimes it’s on the left, and sometimes it’s in the center), or do I have to create different trials for each possible configuration?



Also, for what it’s worth, I’ve figured out how to do this with two buttons (using “correct” and “incorrect”), but not with three. Is there anything I can do.

SuperLab has a feature, “Trial Variable for Screen Location” that will accomplish the randomization of the location of the buttons. This is found under the Experiment menu within SuperLab.

Regarding using “correct” and “incorrect” responses, there is a trick we can use where you can determine if the first 2 out of 3 buttons are correct. With the third one (or any other location after) being incorrect. Will this work for you?

Hi Monika,

The two out of three thing is intriguing - does it let you create three independent outcomes?

When you are in the Participant Input window for Mouse or Touchscreen you will need to define three response. The first will be an area where the response consists of being “pressed”. The third area will use “released”. For your third outcome, this will be your incorrect response.

Hi Monika,

I’m trying to work through your press/release solution, and I’ll admit to a bit of confusion. What I’m looking for is a way to create three buttons at a time which each make something different happen when they’re pressed. So a blue button that triggers a beep, a red button the triggers a bloop, and a green button that triggers a blam. Setting up three touch-sensitive areas on a screen doesn’t seem that hard - what I’m having trouble with is that in an event’s feedback tab, I can only trigger things based on the binary correct/incorrect reading of the inputs. How does creating a region that is release-sensitive allow me to add in a third feedback option?

Hi Nick,

I have posted a sample experiment. Please note, if the participant clicks anywhere on the screen SuperLab is going to assume it’s the 3rd image option.

NickB.sl4 (7.21 KB)