Multiple pulses/ free response during a delay

I am trying to set up an event or multiple events that will result in the following:

During a 7 second delay, during which the screen is just black, participants can press the space bar as many times as they would like, and each space bar press results in a pulse. After the 7 seconds is over, they are then asked to type in a response.

I can get the delay, and I have figured out how to get one pulse, but I cannot figure out how to get multiple pulses to result from a free response. :frowning:

Please help! Thanks!!!

When you say “free response” are you meaning the portion where participants start typing?

“Free Response”

In order to clarify, by “free response” I mean that participants can press the space bar whenever they want as many times as they would like during a 7 second time frame. I would like each space bar press to result in a pulse.

e.g. Participant 1 presses the space bar randomly 20 times during the 7 second trial followed by additional instructions. During the next 7 second trial, they press the button 5 times.

Can I get a multiple pulses every time they press the button over the 7 second delay?

You can do this by having one trial attached to one block. Use the Feedback option within the Event Editor to present the “Digital Output” event (which won’t be attached to any trial). Then, also under Feedback, you will have it set to repeat each trial. Under the Input tab is where it will be set to end after 7 seconds.

Another option is if you have a response pad, a pulse would be sent out every time a key is pressed. This happens because it is done within the hardware. Then, all you would need is to set the time limit under the Input tab.