Multiple key response

I’m setting up an experiment in which we need to record the order of the responses for one single trial.
Participants are taught 2 words in a practice block and then they need to assign a key ([1] and [2]) to a sequence of, say, five tokens of the two words they listened to in a trial. So, the response should be, for instance, 1 2 1 1 2.
The responses should be coded as correct (if the order matches 100%), or incorrect (if the order doesn’t match). If the order is 100% incorrect, the response must be coded as ‘reversal’ (meaning that the participant must have misunderstood the instructions).
Can you help me?
Many thanks in advance.
Susana Correia

I would suggest using String-Input for your participant response. This will allow you to enter strings of numbers. Then, you will create correct responses based on each of your stimuli. I have attached a small sample experiment demonstrating this. Take note of the Input and Correct Response tab under the Event Editor.

sampleforSusana.sl4 (5.81 KB)