Multiple inputs with mouse


Was wondering if anybody can help with the following?

I am attempting to create an experiment in which participants are required to locate 4 target items in an event. Participants need to click on each target item before they will be shown another trial. When the participants click on targets, I would like to make the target items change colour.

Does anyone have any idea how I can ask Superlab to do this?


The feature that you are asking for is not directly possible in SuperLab 4.

One possible workaround is to define a correct response as something other than the four target areas. This could be an area on the screen other than the four target ones, or a key on the keyboard, e.g. the space bar. You would define this extra response as the correct one. The idea is that the participants would press the four target areas on the screen, and when done, they would press that extra key to continue.

I hope this helps.