Measuring RTs from stimulus offset

I’m running SuperLab 4.5 and have a visual and an auditory stimulus in each trial. Participants make judgments on the audio stimulus, but because my auditory stimuli are of different durations, I would like to measure RTs from the offset of each one rather than the onset which currently gives misleading RTs. Is this possible in SuperLab, and if not, can anyone help with getting around this problem?

In your Audio file event, have “Wait for audio to finish playing,” checked on. Under the Input tab, “Immediately after the event is presented” should be selected.

In the next event (after the Audio File) under the Input tab, check on, “Reset RT timer.” Also, make sure “Immediately after the event is presented” in the Input tab is not selected.

Actually, the method provided by Cedrus will also give you misleading response times (by whatever amount of time it takes to present the following event). Your audio event should be the event to reset the timer (and potentially the event actually looking for the response). If the event is configured to wait until the end of the audio stimulus before proceeding, the timer will be reset at the end (offset) of the audio stimulus (not the onset), whereas an audio event that does not wait for the end of the stimulus before looking for input will measure a response time relative to the beginning of the audio file (onset).