Mac behaves fine; PC not so much

I have some experiments I’ve written that work fine on my Mac. I just installed the same version of SuperLab (4.0.7b) on a PC and I am getting some weird behavior.

  1. My sound files play, but then sort of “stick” (the last tiny part of the sound repeats several times a second until a response is made).
  2. In defining responses for trials, on the Mac I can choose “microphone” but that’s not even listed as a choice on the PC.

It’s a nearly new Dell Vostro 220, running XP Service Pack 3. None of this happened on the Mac. Note that I am not trying to port over experiments that I wrote on the Mac. I am starting from scratch on the PC.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

What type of audio file are you using? Are you using Sound input or Audio input? Regarding the microphone, the Mac computers have a built-in microphone, the PC’s do not. That is why you will only find microphone input on the Mac version of SuperLab.

These are .wav files, and I’ve chosen Audio. (I saw the warning indicating that “Sound” is old and not to be used).

The files themselves were created on a PC.

In your Audio event, under the Stimulus tab, do you have Allow audio to continue playing until it ends on its own selected?

Yes I do. Should I change that to something else?

Yes, this is a known issue when using that particular setting with a PC. Can you try using another setting other than Allow audio to continue playing until it ends on its own?

That did it. One and only one setting seems to work OK (“Wait for Audio to Finish Playing”).

For my current application that is probably fine, but I would view this is a limitation that maybe should be addressed if possible. I can easily imagine wanting to allow responses during an audio event.

Anyway, thanks for your help Monika.


This issue has been fixed in the new SuperLab 4.5.2 release.