LU444-RH and LU400 pair

Dear All,

i have trouble with how to communicate these two response pads with the Neuroscan
Stim audio box. Stim is a tool for stimulus generation and presentation. audio box has 6 pins external trigger input place.

would you please help me if you have any suggestions?

The Lumina controller has an Accessory Connector on the back that provides TTL output whenever one of the keys are pressed. The pin assignments are described on this page:

I am not familiar with the Neuroscan audio box, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to connect our response pads to Neuroscan’s.

Hi Dear Hisham,

Thanks alot for your response. i will check pin plan of the lumina pads and order a new connector cable based on both system’s input interface guides.

i hope this new cable solve the trouble we have…


hi Hisham again,

yes neuroscan stim and stim2 can work with cedrus lumina pads with a proper cable.:slight_smile:

Neuroscan interfacing help

Hi there,
I’m trying to figure out how to interface the Cedrus Accessory Adaptor to neuroscan. zhbaran wrote that you could connect via the correct cable to stim2. Any help on what cable that may be and/or how you were able to connect these systems would be much appreciated.