LU400-PAIR OTEC cable technical specification


I am having trouble with the LU400-PAIR response pads: during fMRI trials, we sometimes register responses from each button as if they were all pushed simultaneously (which is not the case).
Our pads are connected as described at
We would like to test whether the problem comes from the OTEC unit or the lumina controller by registering signals supplied from the output of the penetration panel.
Does anybody have a description of the OTEC cable pin by pin in relation to to the pads buttons?
Thanks in advance.


Try the following test: on the Lumina controller’s back with the OTEC’s rectangular connector plugged in, try moving that connector up and down. If it causes all four button LEDs to light up, then it’s a faulty receptacle in the controller that we need to replace.

Let me know what you find out,


Hi Hisham,

Thanks for your response. I performed your test, but it seems that the receptacle is not a faulty one since nothing happens. If you have a description of the OTEC cable (relation between pins on the circular connector and pins on the DB9 connector), I’ll be able to test whether the poor signals are generated inside the magnet rrom or outside the magnet room.


Hi Alex,

Sorry for the belated response. Unfortunately I don’t have a diagram that I am free to share. If you’re still having the problem, please send your system back and I’ll take a look at it as soon as it gets here.