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Hi everybody,
I am setting up a new experiment in which I need to present 2 words until the participants say they have learned it.
I’m using a loop macro (Repeat current block) and the only problem I have now is that I need to stop it! I mean, I need to give the programme an instruction to stop the looping effect, such as ‘move on to next block when I hit space bar’.
Is there any best option for when to run the macro (so far I selected 'after all trials in the block have been created)? Or should I choose something special in the block editor (I have ‘present the trials in this block’ set to ‘Always’).
Many thanks!
Susana Correia

It would be helpful if I can see your experiment. Do you think you can post it as an Experiment Package? This is found under the File menu within SuperLab.

Sure, here it goes.
There are many practice trials

Stress perception2.zip (3.89 KB)

Sure, it it goes.
The experiment has 3 practice blocks. The relevant one is B (the participants should listen to the sound stimuli as many times as they want; after they learned the two words they should inform the experimenter and move on to the next block). Since the experiment is still being set up, no sound stimuli were inserted yet, but it is supposed to have them.
The experiment is in Portuguese, my language. I hope this is not a problem.
Many thanks again,

Stress perception2.zip (3.73 KB)

I think this may able to be done without using a macro. If you look at the sample experiment attached, you will see that Feedback is used to either present your sound files again, or move on to the next event. Will this setup work for you?

Susana_Sample.zip (474 KB)

Many thanks for your help.
However, I don’t seem to be able to run the experiment. I can open it, but I can’t run the experiment. Any problem with the zip file or my computer’s problem…?

There should be no problem downloading. However, I condensed the experiment and hopefully you should not have a problem this time.

Susana_NEW.zip (9.15 KB)

Hi MonikaT,
I’m so sorry that I couldn’t get back to you earlier! Lots of paperwork that needed to be done by the beginning of the year and I kept the experiment in stand by. Anyways, I finally got the time to restart the experiment…
I could open your file and see the design of the experiment you suggested. However, there are two main problems:
(1) in fact, there are 3 tokens of each word, uttered by 2 speakers (female voice and male voice), meaning that the participants listen to each word 6 times (12 times, in total); if participants press 1, they should listen to the 6 tokens of ‘mupa’, if participants press 2, they should listen to the 6 tokens of ‘muna’; I designed a feedback procedure such as ‘if correct, play X’, ‘if incorrect, play Y’.
(2) given that feedbacks, and not several events, are activated, there is no way I can implement the design of your experiment, since I can’t select the option ‘Allow audio to continue playing until it ends on its own’.
Attached I’m sending you the file of the experiment so that you can see what I’m referring to (please, see Block ‘Practice B’). Everything else is working perfectly. I just need to find a way of presenting the 2 words (mupa/muna x 3 tokens x 2 speakers), with participants selecting which one they want to listen to (either 1=mupa or 2= muna) until they say they have learnt the two words…
Can you please help me here again?..
Many, many thanks.

Stress perception2.sl4 (31.8 KB)

The forum thread below will help you with what you are trying to do.


Hi Monika,
Many thanks for your help. The experimental package you suggested in a previous thread very much simplified the whole experiment. However, I replicated all the options and I still find two major problems:

1 - when I press one of the keys I can only listen to one word once. If I keep pressing [1], for instance, nothing happens, meaning that I cannot listen to the remaining trials/events/stimuli;

2 - in the sample experiment you suggested, if, for instance, we press ‘y’, we can read numbers; however, if, after that, we press ‘n’, numbers will continue to be presented. In the case of the experiment I am setting up, if participants press ‘1’, they are supposed to listen to X word, if they press ‘2’, they are supposed to listen to Y word.

Attached I send you my experimental package, so that you can see exactly what I did.
I am really sorry if I’m not making myself very clear (from the beginning)…
Many thanks for your help.


Copy of Stress perception2.zip (420 KB)

You are having trouble with your experiment advancing because when using String-Input and Single-Key combined you need to define a correct response for every event. Go into the Event Editor, then the Correct Response tab. For every event in the experiment there must be a correct response defined. Please see the link below for more information.


Hi Monika,
I fixed that problem. Thanks!
However, as I said in a previous email about the experiment you sent me, there is still an issue I can’t solve…
1 - participants can’t alternately choose 1-2-1-2 (or, in your experiment y-n-y-n…). It might be the case that they choose to listen to first word 1 and then word 2; they might want to alternate between listen to word 1 and 2. As it is set up, this experiment does not do that… I can use feedback (if correct=1, listen to mupa; if incorrect=2, listen to muna)
2 - how can I put the stimuli on loop so that the participants listen to them as many times as they want to? I know there is a macro expression (‘repeat current block’), but it doesn’t work with this experiment design (I want to loop the events, and not the block)…
If I use a feedback process and use the ‘while loop’ macro ‘repeat current block’, the only thing I can’t do is to stop the experiment (see my first email in this thread).
Can you help me?
Thanks again (for all the help!)

I think this will be easiest answered over the telephone. I will contact you via private message to set up a time.