Linking an answer-dependent event to a trial

I have a really urgent question:
In my experiment about logical reasoning one trial consists of
1st a statement (event no.1)
2nd one question (event no.2) that can be answered by “yes” and “no”
3rd a second question (event no.3) that can be answered by “a” and “b” and (!) should only emerge if the participant answered “no” in the first question (which by the way can be the right or the wrong answer depending on the trial, but that doesn’t matter).

Now my problem is, that I don’t know how to link the third event answer-dependent to the trial. I have tried to use the feedback function to link the third event to the second event, but then superlab doesn’t show up neither the answer nor the reaction time of the third event.
I guess it could be done somehow with the code values, but I don’t understand how.
Please help!
Thanks a lot.

Here’s a nifty little trick for you:

Take advantage of key releases. Add an event no. 2.5 that looks for the key releases for the “yes” or “no” responses. The correct answer to this is always yes. Add feedback to end the trial and move on to the next if the response is correct.

This could easily affect the way that the rest of your experiment needs to be designed, so keep that in mind: after enabling releases in the Participant Input dialog, you could potentially have the releases showing up as responses. It’s probably a good idea to tell SuperLab to wait until all keys have been released before moving on to the next trial.

Still confused…

Hi Hank!
Sorry for bothering you again… IIm afraid, I don’t understand your answer. Could you perhaps explain me what to do once more in different words? I suppose that the feedback function is useless in my case, because the feedback-linked event is still not recorded in the outcome file. Thank you so much!

  1. Enable looking for key releases in the participant input dialog. Also create responses for your two keys being released.

  2. insert an event after your first question. The correct response is “yes,” but it’s the key release for yes. Create a feedback that ends the trial and moves on to the next if the response is correct. This is the only feedback you have in the entire trial.

  3. Add an event after the second question that does nothing but catch the key release that follows the key press in the second question.

Note that you don’t have feedback causing an event to presented–you have feedback causing a trial to be ended. All four of your events will be linked to your trial.