Keyboard string not working anymore

Hello there,

I’m having trouble with keyboard string and single key entry. I only have one event (age) designated for string entry, but it fails to record any text and the ‘next’ button does not work.

However, it was working before- until I had to add and remove some events.
I’ve gone through the forum and the FAQ:

Can’t seem to get it to work again, I’ve been through my events numerous trying to spot an error but can’t figure out why it won’t anymore.

Any additional help/advice is much appreciated.

Face Recognition Short Presentation.sl4 (36.4 KB)

When using String-Input and Single-Key together, every event in the experiment must have a Correct Response defined. Looking through your experiment, you have a few events with nothing defined under the Correct Response tab.

Dear Monika,

Thanks so much for your reply. I didn’t realise I had to have a correct response defined for events which didn’t require any response- i.e. fixed time.

But I’ve gone through and made the changes and it works. Thanks again.