Keeping video and text together while randomizing


I’m a newbie with experimental design in general, and SuperLab specifically. I’m implementing a design for a researcher I work with, and don’t necessarily speak the same language… So, I hope this will be clear.

I have two groups of subjects. The events for the first phase of the experiment consist of several videos, each with a one or two word caption.

Group A sees the same video/text pair twice. Group B sees the video/text pair shown to Group A, followed by the same video but different text.

There are four distinct videos per “block”. Eight trials each.
Group A: (V1/T1, V1/T1), (V2/T2, V2/T2), (V3/T3, V3/T3), (V4/T4, V4/T4)
Group B: (V1/T1, V1/T5), (V2/T2, V2/T6), (V3/T3, V3/T7), (V4/T4, V4/T8)

I’d like to randomize the order of the parenthesized groups without rearranging the order of the trials within the parenthises.

Each group has eight blocks (of two trials/presentations, of four pairs of video/text combos).

And that’s just the first phase. Actually, at the end of each of the blocks above, each video is shown again, with a multiple choice question under it. (Four multiple choice questions, each with four choices.) Depending on how a subject answers the entire set, the multiple choice questions may repeat.

I THOUGHT I was on the right track, but I tried with lists, and got stuck, I tried with lots and lots of multiple occurances of the same events, and got stuck…

Can SuperLab do what I want?

P.S. This is SuperLab 4.0.1 (Build 2080) on a Mac G5 running Mac OS X 10.4.11 (“Tiger”) I’m not real Mac savvy either. :wink:

Yes, you should be able to do this design. It might be faster to do this over the phone, I think. The key thing is the way you structure your blocks/trials/events.

BTW, you really need to upgrade from SuperLab 4.0.1 which is a circa August 2006 release. There’s been quite a few updates since with version 4.0.6 released this past week.