Jumping Out of Stimulus Lists


I am working on a program that will be using 20 different stimulus lists. However, once the participant gives a correct response, I want the program to jump out of the current stimulus list it is working on and begin the next stimulus list.

So far, I have it set up to work fine, but it feels very cluttered. I have 20 Blocks, 20 Trials, and the 20 lists as events at the moment. Is there any way to reduce this set up to 1 block with 20 trials and the 20 stimulus lists?

Another question I have is how can I repeat the 20 blocks 3 times then move onto an entirely different block/trial/event setup? I can see this repetition question would be much easier if we can reduce this down to one block.

Let me know if you need any more information.



The way you have your blocks, trials and events is the best way to have it setup within SuperLab. Regarding your second question, I want to clarify that you want your first 20 blocks to be presented 3 times each, then you will go on to a new event, let’s say block 21?