ISI's, rating scales and blocking irrelevant keys


I’m new in superlab and have some probably pretty basic questions.

First, I want to create a rating scale. The scale needs to be shown under a picture which will be presented simultaneously with it. Now I’m not sure which type of file to use for the scale: If I use text, I don’t know how to create a visual scale; if I use a picture file, I don’t know how to determine its position on the screen so that it will be presented underneath the pic to be rated (The participant answers by pressing keys, so there’s no need to worry about on-screen responses.)

Then, in another trial block, I’m using a stimulus list for my events. Is it possible to randomly have one of two different ISI’s between my stimuli?

And my last question refers to the response keys: is it possible for me to block all keys on the keyboard that are not important for the task?

Although my questions might be very basic I’d really be grateful for some advise.



You can present both the text event and picture file simultaneously in SuperLab. In our manual, page 47 explains how to present more then one visual stimuli at the same time. To place the visual scale below the text stimuli you just need to change the position by going to the Stimulus tab, then Settings in the Event Editor.

Are you wanting to have SuperLab randomly choose one of two ISI’s that you have created? If yes, then you can use the Trial Variable for ISI Durations. You can find the Trial Variable’s under the Experiment menu. Once you create your ISI’s then create your ISI event. Within your event, under the Input tab select “only after a time limit”. Below there is a selection box that reads fixed, this is also a drop down menu where you need to change it to Variable. Once you select Variable, you will then see the ISI you have created.

If you want to block all the other keys on the key-board, you are going to need to create correct responses for all your events. This way SuperLab will not be able to move on to the next event unless they press a key that you have set up as a correct response. For more information on how to do this please see page 9 and 20 in the SuperLab manual.