Incorrect response not listed in output file

I’ve made a Stroop task where participants see the names of 4 colours 3 times in the congruent colour and once in each of the incongruent colours. I’ve set this up using stimulus lists for the words, if there’s a simpler way of doing it I’d be happy to know, but that’s not the problem I have (as the task is running how I want it to).

The practice block can be ignored, I’m still working on that part. The problem I’m having is that only the red coloured words are having their responses recorded properly in the output file, the other coloured trials are showing as correct in the output file regardless of which button was pressed (I’ve attached an example data file where I pressed 3 for each trial - a response which isn’t coded anywhere as being correct).

I expanded the experiment and looked at how individual trials were set up, but couldn’t see anything which would explain why the respionse was not being coded properly (e.g. a word in green is coded as such and has button two listed as the correct response).

Any idea why it’s not listing incorrect responses as such in the output file? (2.71 KB)

SuperLab Data File.txt (3.19 KB)

This is happening because you did not define responses for the other colors under the Correct Response tab. If you look under your “Red” event and under Correct Response, you will see all the other colors are marked as “None, any response is correct”. You will need to define their response as well.