Important: Putting code values in the middle of stimuli

Hi Everyone!:slight_smile:

I am preparing an experiment which includes presentation of few video commercials (30 seconds each). I would like to put markers (code values) not only at the start and end of each of them, by also in the middle (in certain points which I choose, e.g. after 2.3 second from the start).

Anyone has idea, how to do that?

I would appreciate your help.

I haven’t found any clues in this forum and in any other places.


Gosia Zarzycka

Are you needing a visual marker, or something sent via Digital Output to an external device?

I need to see markers on eeg data (which will be aquiring via another computer with Video Recorder and then analyzed with BrainVision Analyzer).

To use the markers in this way, you will have to set a time limit for each one.

Thank you!

I am just starting to use this software (it is my first experiment ever) and I do not know hot to do that…
Would it be too much, if I kindly ask you about write me how to do that step by step?

I would really appreciate it! :slight_smile: (and other, who will be seeking for the same solution).


Thank you for contacting Cedrus via email regarding your question.