I can't get past the second stimulus

I’m setting up an experiment. Everything runs fine (instructions, cue, first stimulus, first comprehension check). When I get to the second stimulus and press a button to advance, nothing happens. I’ve checked and double checked to make sure I have the correct responses selected in my stimuli and still I’m stuck on the second stimulus. Any answers?


I would need to look at your experiment to figure out the issue. Can you please post?

Often, this is something along the lines of randomizing the events in a trial causing SuperLab to wait for an input that the experimenter is not expecting.

Even without randomizing events, SuperLab could still be waiting for a correct response that doesn’t match what you’re expecting. For example: if you’re using String Input and Single Key Input, it’s critical that both input devices are set to only look for a response when a correct response has been specified, but this also means that if you ever set an event such that “any response is correct,” it will never receive input–since you didn’t explicitly set a response as correct.

Lastly is the rare but obvious: are you sure the button you’re pressing even works? :wink: