How do I make a trial repeat 14 times?

I’m a new user of Superlab 4.0 and I have what I think is a ridiculously simple question. I have one trial set up, and I need that one trial to repeat 14 times. (My experiment should last a total of 5 minutes, which is roughly 14 trials.) How do I do this? I know I could just create 14 different trials, but there must be some way to loop this trial 14 times. Help!

You need to do two things:

  • In the Block Editor, click on the Macros tab and create a macro. In the Macro Editor, leave the Expression empty, which is the same as “true”. In the “If true” tab, add an action that will repeat the block. The macro will cause SuperLab to endlessly present the block until no more trials are presented.

  • In the Trial Editor’s When to Present tab, click on the ‘+’ icon to add a “Number of Times This Trial Has Been Presented” expression.

Where is theTrial Editor’s When to Present tab? I don’t see it anywhere in the Trial Editor. Thanks!

Which specific version of SuperLab are you using? e.g 4.0.5?

On the software box it says ‘SuperLab 4.5 SuperLab Pro Edition’ - I got it new in 2006 and haven’t used it until just recently.

Look under the Help menu within SuperLab and select About SuperLab 4.0. Here it will tell you the version your using.

Thank you. It’s 4.0.1.

I highly recommend that you download the latest version from the following link: