Free-Form Serial Input ?

hi everyone,

i’m currently planning a series of experiments in SuperLab, and i’m looking for a solution to something relatively complicated… i hope someone can help.

short explanation of experiment: it’s a tone-color matching task, where the participant sees a color swatch and turns a dial (Griffin PowerMate), sweeping across the frequency spectrum to find a matching tone.

The audio stimulus (that the user manipulates) is done in Max/MSP, but i want to gather the responses in SuperLab. I have a demo version written in EPrime but I want to switch to SuperLab because it can run on Mac, and also because i think it works a lot better and generally doesn’t suck :slight_smile:

so, the question is this:

how do i get my participant’s response into SuperLab?

using Max/MSP i can send data out of a serial port or use a keyboard redirect object to pretend that the user is actually typing in a response (when in reality Max/MSP is generating the keystrokes). however, it would be a lot easier to simply send out the response over a serial line (RS-232 or USB) and into a 2nd computer running SuperLab, which is waiting for the response.

any suggestions on how to do this? I know SL can take serial input, but essentially my responses are freeform, as they can be any frequency from 20hz - 20khz.

thanks much,


still lookin’…

hi all –

i’m still searching for a way to bring input into SL from a source other than what’s available in the participant input screen. any suggestions would be great…

can one of the cedrus engineers provide a description of the SLPlugInCommon.framework so i might write my own ?