foot pedal

I intend to use foot pedals for meauring time reactions.
I wanted to ask for an advise about possible products
that can communicate with the superlab program.



For this, you will need an I/O card in order to interface the foot pedal with SuperLab, e.g. a Measurement Computing I/O card if using a PC or a National Instruments one if using a Mac. You’ll have better luck searching the web with the keyword “footswitch” or “foot switch”. I think that Allied Electronics carries some.

Let me know if you have additional questions regarding interfacing or sourcing foot pedals.


Take a look at PI Engineering

I recently came across them because I was looking for some way to interface our large “jelly switch” pushbuttons to SuperLab. Their “X-Keys USB Switch Interface” is what we have ordered, and if you already have foot pedals that are basically switches, that might work; they also have a product called the “X-Keys Foot Pedal” which operates the same way, but instead of 12 switch inputs, it has three foot pedals. The both work by emulating USB keyboards, so once you program them to transmit the codes you specify, you would tell SL to read subject responses from the keyboard.

They are at

Greg Shenaut