flicker change detection

We’re trying to figure out how to implement a flicker change detection task using superlab. it seems mostly straight-forward but we’re running into a few pretty big problems.

mostly we’d like the flickering to stop after a certain amount of time. ie the subject gets 50 repetitions and then automatically moves on to the next trial. we’re looping through the trials with feedback, but we’re at our wits end trying to figure out how to make superlab stop looping after 30 seconds. we tried creating a movie in quicktime but even if the subject detects a change and presses the correct button, superlab runs through the whole movie before stopping and moving on to the next trial.

any help would be hugely appreciated.

Hello Christine,

Have you tried making the movie 30 seconds long?

yes, we’ve made a thirty second movie, however, superlab runs through the whole movie even if the subject spots in the change in the first 2 seconds. because we have a lot of stimuli, having each movie run for 30 seconds total will make the entire experiment quite lengthly.

thanks for checking but that doesn’t seem like a viable option at this point.

other suggestions anyone?

Have you tried under Settings in the Event Editor, going to Presentation Options? Here you would need the Wait for movie to finish playing before looking for input, checked OFF. Then, you would need to check ON, Stop Movie, and select when the event ends.

that was hugely helpful, thank you monika!