Feedback with audio and image presentation

Participants do an identification task (hear a word with a simultaneous presentation of two pictures, participant presses a button corresponding to one picture). The feedback should look like this:

  1. image of check if correct (or X if incorrect), then
  2. the correct image + simultaneous re-presentation of audio stimulus

I’m using the “feedback” tab in the event image where participants are choosing a picture. The problem I’m having is that the audio in the feedback will not play at all. I can’t get it to simultaneously present with the correct image, or even if I delete all of the feedback items, the audio still won’t play.


getting around the problem

I couldn’t figure out how to have that string be the feedback successfully, so i just made the one image (check or x) be the feedback, and then have the audio + image in the regular trial event sequence. since the same audio + image will appear no matter what the participant presses, this seems to work. the only trouble is that i have to upload the audio file twice. once for the first presentation of the trial, and then another file for the audio that will appear after the feedback. because i have 44 test trials, this is going to seem excessive that i have to load the 44 files two times, but at least I figured out something that works.

i’ll still appreciate any other suggestions if anyone has it though.


It’s possible to do what you want, and easily so if you use the stimulus lists feature. Suggested approach:

    Have the images that match the sound in, say, List A
    Have the images that do not match the sound in List B
    Have the audio files in List C
    Create a trial variable ([B]Experiment[/B] menu > [B]Trial Levels[/B]) of type Location that has two levels. The purpose is to randomize the position of the pictures in Lists A and B.

Your trial would then consist of:

    Event 1 that uses images in List A
    Event 2 that uses images in List B. Both this event and Event 1 should be using the trial variable to have their positions randomized.
    Event 3 plays a sound from List C. Feedback should be: if response is incorrect, present another event shows the X. If response is correct, present another event that shows the check.
    Event 4 would use List A again, i.e. the images that match the sound
    Event 5 would use List C again
Events 4 and 5 are basically presenting the correct image + audio stimulus again as feedback.