False recognition experiment

I am trying to set up a simple recognition memory experiment. The basic structure is:

  1. target name, presented as text
  2. distractor task, simple mental arithmetic, presented as text (e.g., 73 + 36 = ?) with a string input response box.
  3. test list of 4-5 words (containing the target word plus similar foils), with correct name selected by mouse click

I set up a very crude first attempt at this, but am having trouble. The text input box appears, but won’t accept any input. And I don’t yet fully understand how the mouse click region for a correct or incorrect response is defined (I chose the “automatic” option, but it’s not clear to me how this option works, how big a region is defined around the text input, etc.).

I’m attaching this crude first attempt.

Is there a recog memory experiment like this one in the classic experiments? Any other help welcomed. Thanks in advance.


recog_memory.zip (1.86 KB)

Thank you for posting your experiment. It seems that you didn’t have Only if an event designates a mouse response as correct selected, under your Participant Input. If you are using String Input and Mouse/Touch-Screen, you must designate a correct response for each event.

If you want to use the mouse on a visual stimulus, you have to set the Input to After a Correct response from the Participant. I have posted an example experiment for your convenience.

BruceLamb .sl4 (4.76 KB)